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Galanevich Alla

Email: (alla@niisi.ras.ru)

Date of birth: 8-Sep-1972

Position: Chemical-Technical employee

Location: Moscow


  • Mathematical school (1979-1989) (first places on regions chemical competitions (1988-1989), silver medal)
  • Chemical-Technical university named D.I. Mendeleev (1989-1994). (chemical-technical and engineering-ecological qualification).
  • Now I enter the post-graduate course at chemical-technical academy. The subject of dissertation will become formed in accordance with my job. I can reject the post-graduate if it's required.

    Work experience

  • ESH, OOO "Searle Pharma" 1998-1998
  • Research officer, Teaches Retraining Institute end lecturer, Politecnical and Ecological-Humanitarian institutes at the same time, 1996-1998 E, Tannery AOOT "A. Radischev", 1994-1996.
  • Environmental Protection Agency (during institutes practical work) - 1993-1993


  • Computer (IBM PC, Windows 3.11, Windows 95, Email, Internet, MS Office: Word, Excell and so on)
  • Work at tannery - 2 years
  • Teaching operational experience - 1 year
  • I know chemistry, mathematics, laws, environmental design.
  • Average level of English

    Additional Information:

    I have six publications. I took part in 11 conferences, workshops. I have connections in many towns and some countries
    I have a husband and a daughter (3,5 years old). My mother helps me to bring up my daughter. I never took a medical certificate.

    More info: Resume in russian


    Email: alla@niisi.ras.ru,