From: ermmau@Dipartimento.Informatica.ed.Applicazioni (Universita' di Salerno)
 (Ermelindo Mauriello)
Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.announce
Subject: New Release of TCFS (Transparent Cryptographic File System)
Date: 4 Mar 1997 22:42:30 GMT
Keywords: Cryptographic, FileSystem, NFS, Security


We are glad to announce the availability of release of 2.0pl5 of TCFS
(Transparent Cryptographic File System) for Linux.

TCFS is a cryptographic filesystem developed here at Universita' di
Salerno (Italy). It operates like NFS but allow users to use a new
flag X to make the files secure (encrypted). Security engine is based on

The TCFS version 2.0 works in Linux kernel space, and may be linked as
a kernel module. It is developed to work on Linux 2.0.x kernels.

Changes in the current release:

- - We added patch for the mount command.
        Now we provide the patched sources for release 2.5 of the mount command.
- - We added patch for the poeigl admin tools (passwd).
        Now we provide the patched sources for the poeigl package.
- - We fixed bugs for files with holes.

We have also re-structured the entire distribution:

tcfs2.0pl5.diff         - Patch for Linux 2.0.xx kernels.
                          This patch adds TCFS support to the Linux kernel.
                          To apply this patch cd to /usr/src and type
                          patch -p0 < tcfs2.0pl5.diff.

tcfsutils.tgz           - Utilities needed by TCFS

mount.tgz               - Patched mount command. This mount supports tcfs

xattrd.tgz              - XATTRD daemon needed to handle ext2 fs extended
                          attributes via RPC.

admin.tgz               - Patched poeigl package.

e2fsprogs.tgz           - Patched e2tools (lsattr and chattr).

patches dir             - Patches for poeigl, mount and e2fsprogs.

These files are available at;
installation instruction are in the README file.

At the URL you can find the new
release with the old distribution structure.

A mailing-list is available at
Documentation is available at
Here you can find instructions for installing TCFS and docs on
how it works.

Mirror sites are available at and

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