Rise of the Triad Codes, command line params., etc.

ROTT Cheat codes:

      Type DIPSTICK then
      TOOSAD God mode
      CHOJIN Woundless with weapons (press INS)
      GOTO Level select
      SIXTOYS Useful items
      FLYBOY Fly
      BADTRIP Magic Mushroom Time...
      BOING Elasto Mode
      GOOBERS Restart level
      WHACK Ouch
      SPEED Auto run
      PANIC Restore yourself to normal
      DIMON Light diminishing ON
      DIMOFF Light diminishing OFF
      LONDON Fog ON
      NODNOL Fog OFF
      GOGATES Quit!
      GOARCH Teleport straight to level end
      GOTA386 Turn floor and ceiling off
      GOTA486 Turn floor and ceiling on
      SHOOTME Bullet-proof armour
      BURNME Fire-proof armour
      LUNGDUNG Gas mask
      HUNTPACK Outfit player
      86ME Kill yourself
      REEN Re-enter level
      JOHNWOO Dual pistols
      PLUGEM MP40 gun
      VANILLA Bazooka gun
      HOTTIMES Heat seeker gun 8
      BOOZE Drunk missile gun
      FIREBOMB Fire-bomb gun
      BONES Flame wall gun
      SEEYA Hand Of God (kinda like a smart missile...deadly)
      RIDE Ride those missiles
      WHERE Where the hell am I
      RECORD Record a DEMO
      STOP Stop recording DEMO
      PLAY Play a DEMO
Type these after the ROTT command for special uses:
      ? - Gives you a list of all the command line parameters.

      NOSOUND - This option turns off all sounds (both music and
      sound effects) for the game, and makes it silent.

      NOJOYS - This turns off joystick detection. Useful if you
      are getting false joystick detection. Use this if
      the menus just start scrolling on their own, with
      no input from you.

      NOMOUSE - This turns off mouse detection.

      SPACEBALL - This turns on detection for the Space Player

      CYBERMAN - This turns on detection for the Cyberman controller.

      SILLY - When you play ROTT, during the loading screen, the
      level name is displayed. If you use this parameter,
      the level name will be replaced with a silly saying.

      FILE - This is the name of a user added wad file for ROTT.
      You wouldn't actually type FILE, you'd type in the
      name of the file to be used by ROTT. You can add
      three such files at once using this method.

      SOUNDSETUP - Makes ROTT go through setting up your sound card.

      VER - Shows the version of ROTT you are playing.

      SLOWDEATH - When you die in ROTT, this will let you see your
      death in slow motion, as opposed to the normal speed
      it's shown at.

      NOWAIT - This will bypass all opening cinematics and screens,
      and will place you at the Main Menu.

      NOW - This will bypass all menus and screens, and will
      automatically place you into the game in Level 1,
      as the default character, and the default difficulty.

      PAUSE - This will bring up a "Press any key to continue"
      prompt when you first run the game. This is useful
      if you need to contact Apogee for help, and they need
      to ask you a few questions about ROTT and your

      MASTER - This will force a specific client in Comm-Bat ROTT
      to be Player 1 (or the Master). Only the first use
      of this in a game will be honored. Any uses beyond
      the first will be ignored. If this is not used, the
      first person to launch into a NetROTT game will be
      the Master. (This parameter can cause instability
      in Comm-Bat ROTT. We recommend against it's use.)

      MONO - This turns on support for the Monochrome region of
      video. If you have your system set up with a video
      card that can access this at the same time you play
      the game, you will see debug information about the
      game (such as memory writes, etc). The information
      here is useless, but if you can see it, here it is!

      MAPSTATS - This will output the map statistics (ie: Number of
      different walls, doors, etc.) of the current level
      to the file MAPINFO.TXT.

      TILESTATS - This will output the tile statistics (ie: Number of
      different actors, plants, objects, etc) of the
      current level to the file MAPINFO.TXT.

      SCREENSHOTS - Clean screen capture for shots

      SOUNDSETUP - Setup sound for ROTT

      DOPEFISH - Wait for credits at beginning
      Supercharge Bonus Got all powerups on level
      Adrenaline Bonus 100% Kills
      Bleeder Bonus used all health items on level
      Skin of Teeth ended level with 1 dot of health
      Republican Bonus 1 Got all missile weapons on level
      Republican Bonus 2 Destroyed all plants on level
      Democrat Bonus 1 Never used a handgun on level
      Democrat Bonus 2 All shrooms & healing basins used on level
      Ground Zero Bonus Hit with your own missile (hint: FW)
      Bull in China Shop Destroyed all life items on level
      Curiosity Bonus Every switch, pushwall, pillar, sound area
      pushed, messed with, or whatever
      Bonus Bonus Got all bonuses
There are more bonuses at the end of the whole game in Dark War.
Genocide Bonus Kill every one of the same type of actor in the game.
      This can be gotten multiple times depending on how many
      different types of actors you can wipe out. DIP Bonus Collect all three developer balls (Hmmmmm....)