1. Introduction

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This document covers the things you need to successfully typeset view and print documents in Russian.

There is some conflict between MS-DOG and Un*x Cyrillic codesets. In MS-DOG, the most popular Cyrillic codeset is Alt (so-called alternative codeset). In Un*x, however, the traditional codeset with Russian characters is KOI-8. It is specified in the RFC 1489 ("Registration of a Cyrillic Character Set").

The difference in two codesets is usage is pretty minimal (except the TeX packages). Therefore, we will describe only KOI-8 codeset setup.

Various people put a lot of effort to create useful packages and documents. These are listed through the text.

I appreciate any comments corrections and suggestions concerning the document. Don't hesitate to contact me at abel@wisdom.weizmann.ac.il.

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