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|  BABYLON 5 FAQ, part (B):         |
|  News & Schedule of Episodes      |
|                                   |
|  1 October 1997 Edition           |

This section of the FAQ list is updated _frequently_, so if the date above is
more than a few weeks old, it's probably OBSOLETE -- check for newer editions!

There are SIX parts to the FAQ: (A) Information about B5; (B) News and Sched-
ule; (C), (D), (E), (F) are the settings for seasons 1, 2, 3, 4 respectively.

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for the highly detailed "Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5."

    Contents of this FAQ List

    1.  Hot News Tidbits
    2.  Current & Upcoming Babylon 5 Episodes and Stories
        (a) Television Episodes (b) Novels (c) Comics
    3.  Convention Appearances
    4.  Current Publications
    4.  Current Merchandise
    5.  Credits and Legalese


Subject: 1.  Hot News Tidbits (most recent first)

## Got updates? E-mail  with subject "B5 NEWS"

 The summer rerun season is finishing, and the final four episodes of the
 fourth season are airing beginning the week of October 6 in North America.
 Since this will end the run on syndicated TV, be sure to spread the word
 about the new episodes (since they will not be rerun immediately thereafter
 as is customary with new episodes).

 TV Guide, only recently giving B5 any exposure, has picked the first of the
 final four episodes as an "Editor's Choice" pick.

 A set of five complete episodic soundtracks are now available, directly from
 Sonic Images, Christopher Franke's record label.  The episodes are "Severed
 Dreams," "A Late Delivery from Avalon," "Walkabout," "Shadow Dancing," and
 "Z'Ha'Dum."   Sonic Images is also soliciting suggestions for more titles

 A B5 episode won the Hugo award for Best Dramatic Presentation at the Hugo
 awards in August.  Congratulations to everybody involved!

 After Claudia Christian and Babylonian Productions parted ways, actress
 Tracy Scoggins was cast to fill the gap.  She will be playing a new
 character, Captain Elizabeth Lochley.


Subject: 2.  Current & Upcoming Babylon 5 Episodes and Stories

========    a. Episodes

This list applies to season 4 in North America.  For your local station's
airing times and days, consult the station list by retrieving, via ftp,
this document:

Other countries may be airing past seasons.  For schedules, please see the
Lurker's Guide web pages,

      Week of  No.  Title
      9/29/97  418R Intersections in Real Time
     10/06/97  419  Between Darkness and the Light
     10/13/97  420  End Game
     10/20/97  421  Rising Star
     10/27/97  501  The Deconstruction of Falling Stars

     (This is the end of season 4; most likely, episodes will not
     go into reruns on syndicated stations immediately following
     this block of four new episodes.)

========    b. Novels

 06/97 To Dream in the City of Sorrows   by Kathryn Drennan

>From JMS:
"Del Rey has signed a deal with WB to do the B5 novels henceforth, and as
part of that will be doing a series of three, 3-book arcs (for a total of 9 in
addition to stand-alone B5 novels) which will feature an overall story that
I'll assign to the writers involved.  The goal is to keep them within canon,
but allow the writers some degree of freedom, and to fill in some of the
corners in the B5 universe.  For instance, one 3-book arc may be the story of
the fall of Centauri Prime; another might be the history of the Psi Corps and
what made Bester what he is; and the third set strongly on the B5 station

========    c. Comics

Babylonian Productions has apparently worked out a new set of comics, though
availability has not yet been announced.


Subject: 3.  Convention Appearances

More Info:   Con information is often posted on the USENET groups such as
             alt.fandom.cons, rec.arts.sf.announce, rec.arts.sf.fandom.

## Courtesy of "The Zocalo" [See part (A), section 11 for subscription info]
## Got updates? E-mail  with subject "B5 CONVENTIONS"

Following are conventions that will be featuring BABYLON 5 personalities.
Guest changes may occur due to last minute problems or commitments.  For
a quick response to any inquiries send an SASE.

Upcoming con appearances planned by Babylon 5 cast and crew members

HubCon '97, October 3-5. Holiday Inn Civic Center, Lubboch, TX. Guests:
Richard Biggs, Robin Curtis. For more information, e-mail
or write HubCon '97, PO Box 94353, Lubbock, TX 79493.

Rising Star 5, October 10-12, Glenvar High School, Roanoke, VA. Guests:
Richard Biggs, Pat Tallman. For more information, call (540) 389-9400.

FarPoint, October 10-12, Hunt Valley, MD. Guest: Mira Furlan. Place:
Marriott's Hunt Valley Inn (410) 785-7000. For more information, visit
their web site at

UnitedFan Con, October 31-Nov. 2, Springfield, MA. Jason Carter is
scheduled to appear. For more information, web site is: or e-mail or call

Sci-Con, November 7-9, 1997. Place: Virginia Beach, VA. Guests: Tim
DeHaas (not yet confirmed). For more information, check their web site at

ConRad Seattle Convention: November 21-23, 1997, ConRad: Seattle,
DoubleTree Suites, Southcenter, Seattle, WA. Guests: Armin Shimerman,
Kitty Swink, Max Grodenchik, Andrew Robinson, Patricia Tallman, Gary
Graham, Mojo, Christian Ready. Contact: Deejay Driscoll. Call:

Loscon 24, November 28-30, 1997, Burbank, CA. Place: Burbank Hilton
Hotel. JMS will be Media GOH. For more information, write LOSCON 24, c/o
LASFS, 11513 Burbank Blvd., North Hollywood, CA 91601. Email

Visions '97, November 28-30, 1997, Chicago, IL. Place: Hyatt Regency
O'Hare. Guests include: Jerry Doyle and Pat Tallman. For more information
call (847) 882-8575 or visit their web site at

Creation Con, November 29-30, Pasadena, CA. Place: Pasadena Center in
Pasadena,CA. So far the B5 guests are: Bruce Boxleitner (tentative as of
4/17/97), Andreas Katsulas, Peter Jurasik, Claudia Christian, Mira
Furlan, Stephen Furst, Jason Carter, and Jeff Conway. The first Star Trek
guests are: Ethan Phillips, Robert Picardo, Nana Visitor, and Terry
Farrell (tentative as of 4/9). Visit the Creation web site at for more info.

Cincinnati Science Fiction Exposition, December 5-7, Guests include:
Michael O'Hare. Hyatt Regency Hotel. Call (610)454-1197 or (410)840-2021
for tickets

Spacedock '98, February 7-8, 1998, Hagerstown, MD. Guest: Stephen Furst.
For more information, e-mail or call (313) 663-6245.

Gallifrey '98, February 13-15, 1998, Airtel Plaza Hotel, Van Nuys, CA.
Guests: JMS, Stephen Furst, Jeff Conaway, George Johnsen, Adam "Mojo"
Lebowitz, David Gerrold. Write to Gallifrey Conventions, PO Box 3021,
North Hollywood, CA 91609, phone (818) 752-9656 or e-mail:

Earthstation Edmonton '98, March 13-15, 1998. B5 guests TBA. For more
information, write to SF Convention Society of Alberta, PO Box 771, Main
Post Office, Edmonton, Alberta Canada T5J 2L4. Phone: (403) 455-9315 or

Tachy9Con, June 5-7, 1998, Orlando, Florida. Guests include Jerry Doyle.
Others are being contacted. Hotel: Adams Mark Hotel.

Con-Version 15, July 17-19, 1998, Coast Plaza Hotel, 1316 33rd St., NE.,
Calgary, Alberta, CA. Guest: JMS. For more information, call (403)
279-4052 or e-mail Or write: Con-Version 15, 4,203
Lynnview Rd., SE., Calgary, AB T2C 2C6.

Legacy '98, July 24-26, 1998, Visalia Convention Center, Visalia, CA. B5
guests TBA. For more information, e-mail

RebelCon 1998, July 31-August 2, 1998. Holiday Inn, Taunton, MA. Guests
include: JMS, John Flinn III. For information, call (800) 99REBEL or
e-mail Or write to: Worlds'End Productions, 10 Rankin
Street, Worcester, MA 01605.

BucConeer, 56th Annual World Science Fiction Convention, August 5-9,
1998. Baltimore, MD. Guest: JMS. Other B5 programming is planned.

B5 - The Wrap Party, August 21-24, 1998, Radisson Edwardian Hotel,
Heathrow, London, UK. Guests are to include JMS, Harlan Ellison, Mojo,
and more TBA. Contact: B5 - The Wrap Party, P.O. Box 505, Reading, Berks
RG1 7QZ, UK. E-mail for more info to:; web site: .

Dragon*Con, September 3-6, 1998. Hyatt Regency Atlanta and Atlanta
Apparel Mart, Atlanta, GA. Guests: Harlan Ellison, Stephen Furst, Pat
Tallman. For more info: call (770) 925-0115 or write Dragon*Con, Box
47696, Atlanta, GA 30362-0696.

The Conspiracy of Light, Cape Canaveral, FL. The dates of this convention
have changed. Tenative schedule: October 1998. Check their web site for
more information:

Subject: 4.  Current Publications

## Got updates? E-mail  with subject "B5 PUBS"

CINEFANTASTIQUE: ???? (Not yet out as of July '97)

TV Guide, July 2 edition has a cover story on B5.  Buy two copies!


Subject: 5.  Current Merchandise

|  JMS has asked fans who find un-  |
|  licensed merchandise (generally  |
|  at cons) to notify him via mail  |
|  or e-mail (see FAQ part A).      |

Babylon 5 products are now gradually arriving.  Licensing Company of America,
a subsidiary of Warner Bros. is handling the licensing of Babylon 5 products.

## Got updates? E-mail  with subject "B5 MERCHANDISE"

There's a new web page devoted to B5 merchandise -- a trading post, not a
seller of merchandise.  WWW:

A B5 calendar is being produced in the UK, produced by Slow Dazzle, and is
available for #8.99.  WWW:

Bookmarks, bookplates, etc. are now available.  Antioch Publishing
Company, P.O. Box 28, Yellow Springs OH 45387.  They will also be producing
a limited edition (of 7500) calendar.

Hamilton will soon release collector's plates.

A CD-ROM is being produced in-house for release later in 1997, perhaps.

Monogram/Revell has licensed B5 model kits to produce.  Apparently they are
stalling production.  Viewers are encouraged to contact the company at
 and politely encourage B5 models; also see
 and vote for the B5 station or a Starfury.

There are two books on B5 available in the UK and via the web at Internet
Book Shop,

    TITLE:      Babylon 5:  Behind the Scenes
    AUTHOR:     Gross, Edward (Actually the David Bassom book)
    ISBN:       0752208411 (paperback)
    PRICE:      #13.99 (British Pounds)

    TITLE:      A-Z of Babylon 5
    AUTHOR:     Bassom, David
    ISBN:       0752202529 (paperback)
    PRICE:      #7.99 (British Pounds)

Two other titles are forthcoming in the UK: "The Babylon 5 Security Manual"
by Ron Thornton, h/bk, #14.99, due 5 Feb 1997, and "The Babylon File" by
Andy Lane, p/bk, #4.99, due 15 May 1997.

The latter of these is now available in the U.S., published by Dell,
and titled "Babylon 5 A to Z."  The other is "Creating Babylon 5."

Narn and Minbari masks are available. WWW:

A new role-playing game (RPG), from Chameleon Eclectic, called
"The Babylon Project," is now available.

Babylon 5 Wars, a miniature based space combat game from Agents of Gaming,
is currently undergoing production problems.

"There are some of the blueprints and drawings for the station and ships
included in the upcoming Boxtree Security Manual.  They are approved and
authorized.  (and pretty cool, besides)." -- George Johnsen

Creation Entertainment has T-shirts and photos, mugs, jackets, and hats --
(818) 409-0960.

Two volumes of soundtracks by Christopher Franke, about 55-56 minutes in
length, are now available via mail order (see below) and in some record
stores. Call around to check record stores -- they are usually pretty
clueless about it.  Or order directly from Sonic Images.
Phone: 1-800-847-6642

Babylon 5 Galoob Micro-Machines are apparently starting to be manufactured
again.  No new series, but this may be a chance to find the old models.

Action figures are expected to appear around November.

A CCG (card game, like Magic: The Gathering) is coming from Precedence.

There are now two B5 screensaver CD ROM (Windows only, it appears)
VERY nice images and movies.  Available at computer stores or directly
from Sound Sources at (800) 877-4778 [or (805) 494-9996]. It is not available
on Macintosh, but a web page 
describes how Mac users can benefit from most of the content anyhow!

T-shirts and caps made by All-U, apparently of very high quality, are a big
hit with the B5 cast and crew.  Contact All-U, 1-800-424-2558, ext. 105.

Various B5 merchandise -- micro machines, CDs, shirts, etc. can be ordered
from Uncomyn Gifts.  E-mail

Two sets of Babylon 5 Trading cards (from Fleer) are available.  The first
set covers episodes up to about two-thirds of the second season; the second
set goes through the end of the third.  Apparently Fleer will release series
3 of the cards, along with a collectable game this fall.

A fan-produced <*> pin, depicting the "jumpgate" symbol used to denote B5 fans
all over the Internet, is available for ordering. There is an "original" (apx.
one inch) version, and a smaller lapel pin sized design.  Very nice.
WWW: for pictures & information.

JMS's revision to his scriptwriting book, _The (Even More!) Complete Book of
ScriptWriting_, has been released.  It contains the entire script to "The
Coming of Shadows."


Subject: 6.  Credits and Legalese

This text file may be distributed online, in complete or excerpted form, as
long as acknowledgement is made to the authors, and the URL of the current
version of this file is indicated. (see top of document.)

The Babylon 5 Frequently Asked Questions List part (B) is Copyright 1996-97 by
Dan Wood.  Acknowledgement is made to J. Michael Straczynski, previous FAQ
maintainer Lee Whiteside and to excerpted contributions from the Babylon 5
online libraries, especially The Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5 and The Zocalo.

Currently maintained by Dan Wood (
Comments, suggestions, etc. are always appreciated.

If you have any information to go into the FAQ and/or the Lurker's Guide,
please send them to .

This text file was edited on QUED/M text editor running on a Macintosh.

If you maintain an online B5 service, I can send you each FAQ update.  I don't
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