Date: 27 Feb 1998
 Subject: Douglas Adams's copyright
    From: Richard Harris (
      To: Maksim Moshkow 

Hi Maksim,

     Thanks  for  responding  so  quickly. We quite understand that you're not
doing this for commercial purposes and wish to do everything we can to support
the millions who read and enjoy  his  work.  However,  at  the  moment,  we're
entering  some  very  big  deals  for  the Hitch Hiker's Guide and our lawyers
advise us that, unless we protect all rights, we'll have a lot of trouble with
the ones we really need to protect - such as the deal  we've  just  done  with
Disney for the Hitch Hiker's Guide movie.

     Douglas  didn't  actually  ever  give  permission  for  his  works  to be
distributed on the Net - they appeared years ago and have been v difficult  to
track  down,  as many people, such as yourself, genuinely believe that they're
public domain. Quotes and the like are fine, but we're asking everyone who has
posted copies of the books on the Net to  remove  them.  This  would  be  much
appreciated.  If you can do this, we'll make sure your site is linked from the
page of links we're building.

FYI, Douglas' home page is at

For further information, please refer to:


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